WATCH NOW! The Next Big Thing Show about me and Paytah

WATCH NOW! The Next Big Thing Show about me and Paytah

The Next Big Thing Show interviewed me last October to discuss what Paytah has to offer to the unbanked and the ‘de-risked’.

Here is how David Bradley introduces the interview

You’ll discover in this podcast:

  • How having all his business’s funds confiscated by the US Government affected Marco. How he went from depression, staring at walls, to starting another business – with nothing.

  • What he did when he was completely vindicated by the US authorities, with every cent being repaid, and how that enabled him to establish Paytah – and soon-to-be-launched Monetum.

  • Why Marco is challenging another set of fat, slow, unresponsive industry dominators: traditional banks.

  • Who exactly the customers are that are being shunned by traditional banks- and why? Can Paytah serve them? What’s the catch?

  • How Paytah is regulated and how that gives it competitive advantage against UK based “challenger” banks, such as Revolut and Tide.

  • How big this new market is. What’s the upside?

  • Whether or not Paytah, led by Marco Lavanna, will become the Next Big Thing in providing banking services to the already large, growing “deserving under-served” banking market.